Track of the Day : Torn Apart…

I think this is a very valid set of lyrics describing the state of our society…. with the shocking imagery on the news of Children Drowning trying to escape a war torn country; that we in the UK had a hand in arming on side of the fighting while, with the other hand, refusing entry to those refugees trying to escape certain death…..

We as a society and as a race need to open our eyes and see these people aren’t just ‘refugee’s …. They are someones Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter….

They’ve probably already lost those close to them and are fleeing for their lives … Travelling 1000’s of miles for the chance of true freedom and democracy….

If all we do as a Nation is turn them away at the gate out of some false ideal of ‘reducing debt or benefits’ then we have morally failed as a Country….. #LoveYourBrother #LoveYourSister….. #BeHuman