Well Overdue…



Apologies for the break in broadcasts… I know an update has been long overdue! With the new job & new baby joining the family I feel like even a decent night’s sleep has been a luxury these last few months. I’m finally getting back on track with planning and organising my weeks again so expect some more regular updates – more of the same of my usual psudo-rambling on personal development, a bit of geekery and also some stuff around Agile & DevOps now that its 99% of my life right now 🙂

Its been an interesting 6 months and lots has changed and lots more is going to change with work, family, etc as always!

The plan now is to figure out a comprehensive strategy for how we can make Agile methodology the new delivery model at Virgin Media & how we start upskilling our Dev and Ops teams to fully enable them for CI, SAAS, Automation etc

Exciting Times ahead!


I’m going to be attending a LOT of conferences over the next few months & I’d also love to know about any meetup groups – I’ve even considered looking at setting up a MeetUp in Liverpool for a ‘techy’ audience as there just isn’t anything there atm for this type of stuff!!!

If you know anyone in the Liverpool area then let me know as it could be something we can set up as a partnership with me travelling constantly etc!

I’m also on the lookout for something similar around Public speaking and trying to look at setting up a ‘TED’ style talks event for those who think it could work in Liverpool?

Let me know by comments below or a tweet!

I suppose I’ve got to a point now where I am completely content with who I am and what i can offer in myself to those around me in work and my personal life… now I want to somehow harness those skills to give back to the community and start to make a difference in the only way i know how – through amazing technology and the people who love it!